Monday, 27 February 2012

My 2012 Challenge

I've was very, very, very unproductive last year. Very. Unproductive. Very.

So this year, I want to create myself a challenge which will inspire me to sew more and complain about my failures to you more. You lucky things!

You hear all over the blogosphere about a capsule wardrobe, and I have indeed come to the realisation that I own about a billion dresses (exaggerate... moi?), all of which seem to be summer dresses or too large for me. There's not really anything practical about my wardrobe. And so enters my 2012 Challenge (snappy/witty/clever name to be decided).

The aim is to fill my wardrobe with 12 new items, equaling 1 make for every month. This way I'm giving myself plenty of time to make things, I won't feel all pressured and give up like normal. If I make any more than that, then we'll call it a bonus. Huzzah!

Twitchy's 2012 Challenge will consist of.....


1 coat
1 pair of trousers
1 posh frock
1 Rooibos
1 Chantilly
1 Bombshell dress
1 Stripy blazer, possibly courtesy of Gertie's Starlet Suit course
1 Black Beignet
1 circle skirt
3 blouses

By the by, I finally made a decision on the sewing course to take this year, and am starting my Tailoring Course at Lewisham College this Wednesday. Eep! Hopefully this means I can get to work on my fantasy coat which will fit like a dream and make feel like a super hot (as in warm) star everywhere I go.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dear Gertie

Please stop making fabulous courses that I want to do.

First you tease me with the beautiful bombshell dress that I am yet to make, and then you captivate me with your Starlet Suit. 

It's not like I can say no is it? When will I find the time to make everything I want to this year? The last thing I made was an ill fitting Rooibos dress which I was to ashamed to blog about.

So Gertie. Please. For the sake of my sanity, please stop being so fabulous.

That is all.