Friday, 24 June 2011

I'm breaking up with you

Lacy Macaron, it was fun while it lasted. But I think it's time we took a break. It's not you. It's me. Well it's kind of you, but you can't help it. We both started with such good intentions. Believing the best of each other, but I think our expectations were just too high. I'm moving on. Let's still be friends...

I've decided to step away from the Macaron dress for now. There's really not that much left to go. Lining, check. Hemming, check, finishing, uhh...ummm. No.  The Macaron dress calls for facings, which I decided to eliminate because the yoke would be sheer. Turns out there's a problem when it comes to sheer fabrics. You kind have to think about what you're gonna do with the seams once you finish.

At first I was thinking bias binding. However several tutorials later, and all I had was this:

For some reason, I just couldn't get it right. The width was either to large or too small. So I've come to the conclusion that I should just give this up for the time being, come back with a fresh perspective and increased enthusiasm. So I'm moving on to my little niece's dress next.

She very kindly wriggled whilst I tried to measure her, and then made art on the note paper (adorably cute by the way. I may have to put it on my fridge). Plus the tape measure at home-home is missing a chunk which means I have to deduct three inches from all the measurements when I start. Hopefully this is not a sign that all will go horribly, horribly wrong. Not like the last tent I made her...

 And I have a small confession to make. You know that small resolution I had in Spring, about not buying any more patterns. Well...

Does it still count if it's a kit? I have been lusting after these corset kits from Sew Curvy for AGES. And Then Gertie kindly offered a 10% discount and I figured - fate!

Look how pretty it is! At the moment I'm enjoying looking at the packaging rather than facing the idea of actually making one of these things. That's another thing to add to the list.....


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Weekend Finds

Last weekend, I went home to visit my parents. My whole family is very close, so I'll head over to my parent way every 3 weeks or so.

However without my sewing machine, I tend to run out of things to do, and last weekend when I was in the magical land of Buckinghamshire, I found a variety of things to fill my time. And this is the result:

Although the streets of High Wycombe aren't great for thrifting and vintage, I managed to find my favourite pick ups in a charity shop. At first glance it appeared to be full of furniture, but you could see a shelf full of wool and I ended up finding these great vintage knitting patterns:

The top pattern is Sirdar no 5449, the second is Bestway no 2127, and the bottom two is the Marriners  no 224. I love the cute illustration inside the pattern. I don't suppose anyone knows about some sort of pattern wiki for knitting? I assume the top two are 40's and the bottom is 50's, but I'm not the best judge.

I also moved on to my next knitting project, alas, not from Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitters, but from Thrown Together by Kim Hargreaves. I'm going to make the Evie cardigan in apple green.

I fear with such diddy needles, it's going to take me a lot longer to make than my shrug.

My gran also decided to add to my knitting booty by passing this booklet my way:

Even though the book and my gran agrees, I doubt very much the Peddlar pictured will be the collectible of the future.

I doubt I'll ever make anything from this, including the knitted baby brooches, knitted chessboard with matching knitted licorice pieces or knitted flowerpot finger puppets.

Call me crazy.

Another scrounge I made this weekend was this New Look Pattern. My sister and I ventured into sewing together a couple of years ago. While I was pleased with the outcome of my make, No 4 unfortunately was not, and she decided not to try again. I could encourage her to pick it up again, but then again it would mean giving this back:

And these as well:

Above is 3 metres of beige suiting, which will make a great skirt or work dress. She was kind enough to pass along the matching zip and cotton. Thanks my dear!

The final finds for the weekend were these buttons and a piece of lace.

I might use the buttons for the Ceylon dress I'm going to make. The buttons match the blue of my fabric and if I make it with the white piping, which against my better judgement I'm tempted to do, the final look might be very nautical chic. Or a big 'ole mess.

A very successful weekend, even if I say so myself...

This weekend, my siblings and I plan to treat Mummy Twitchy to a day out in London with sightseeing and play seeing all included. I might try and pack some sewing in there as well.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

What's on your sewing list?

As previously mentioned after the mooch of Monday, I am awful at setting myself targets. Well, not exactly setting myself targets, rather following them.

As a result, it takes me forever to get things done and I usually spend the month thinking I want to do this and I want to make this, and before I know it, the month is done and I've got nothing to show for it. Well no more, dear readers! I've made a plan. Oh yes a plan of what I want to make and the important point being, there's no hurry to do do any of it. Huzzah!

 First things first. I want to make my gorgeous niece a little dress out of this fabric from the Fabric Fandango. This will be the second attempt to make something for her. The first time was the Vivienne Jumper from Burdastyle which ended up being more like a tent than a dress. She continues to grow up rather than sideways, and so the chances of her getting any use out of the dress are slim. Hence the dress.

The pattern is one of the wins from the Pattern Swap at the Sew Weekly meetup, Simplicity 6795.

The second aim, is to make the Macaron dress again out of blue pin dot cotton. The fabric looks a little dark in this picture, but it's actually quite light, and will make a lovely summer dress if I get it finished in time.

The next task will be to make the Ceylon dress out of this royal blue cotton. I'm tempted to tackle piping for the first time, a la Lladybird. Not to copy, but I am thinking of making white piping too. They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

I also want to make this dress (V1174) for my sisters wedding in October:

However, I think I may make some straps for this one like Tasia's, seeing as it will be a formal affair, with a jacket or cardigan to match.

And these trousers from Simplicty 2654:

I would also like to make the shorts, but I already feel like I'm getting a bit ahead of myself...


Monday, 13 June 2011

I am a bad blogger. A very bad blogger...

Hi there, remember me? The strange lady with the bizarre name? It's ok I'm still alive.

As you may recall, a few weeks ago, I set myself the task of making my first macaron dress out of the lace I bought from the Fabric Fandango. Needless to say, it's still sitting in the pile waiting to be finished.

I'm not sure what happened really. I so admire all those people who manage to make a dress in a week or weekend, or even a day if you saw any of Mena's 7 day challenge. I don't know what it is about trying to set myself a deadline. Even a fun deadline. It just makes me not want to do it. As a result of my complete failure to do, well, anything, I was too ashamed to blog about it. Just in case there were outcries of "Hey Twitchy, where's this dress you promised us?"

It makes me think, that perhaps I missing the point of my hobby completely. Sewing should be about the joy of making things, rather than the speed in which you make them. I've also come to the realisation that sewing is not a competition. Even though some people may have the skill of speed, Twitchy my dear, you most certainly do not.

Does anyone else do this? Expect to much from themselves when it comes to sewing? Perhaps tackle projects too big which results in the not wanting to do any of it?

Anyways. My mooch is now done. The lace dress is almost completed in fairness, I've just got the invisible zipper to insert (which I've never done before) and hemming to do.

In the meantime, here is that cardigan I promised you, oh so many moons ago...

Ta da!!!!

The pattern in the end was really easy to do. It was quick as anything, I didn't have to do my usual starting and unpicking three times before it even resembles a cardigan. The book itself (Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitter by Lise-Lottie Lystrup) is really good.

The instructions were clear, it's got a glossary in the back, and I know I will attempt many of the projects in the book after completing this one.

I'm not gonna lie. I have done a bit of a poor job with the joining, but, as long as I'm happy with it, why not?

Today's lesson folks - it's all about the having of the fun.

And I'm gonna sign off now before you all start throwing things at me and leave my blog never to return.

Lots of love