Monday, 24 October 2011

Little Miss Twitchy and the Somehow Summer Dress

As much as I want to start rapping a certain Slim Shady song to celebrate my return, I won't. I value you all too much to subject you to it.

It's been an awful long time since I last posted, I would count the weeks and days, but it would make me feel bad. And as I recall I think that's what was going wrong during my last few posts, and perhaps why I wasn't getting the results I wanted with my sewing.

But hoo ha, I say. I've since moved house, gone to Spain, gone to Edinburgh, seen a sister married and lost 4lbs. I'm feeling...chipper.

So what have I been up to, I here you ask? Well, you may recall my attempt for a little bit of pattern drafting to create a dress to wear for my above mentioned sister's nuptials. Well unfortunately, dear readers, the dress didn't quite turn out as planned. See the below attempt (to take a picture)...

Enjoy Twitchy towering over you as she stands on her bed. Intimidating, oui?

Now I'm actually quite pleased with how the dress turned out. Although I'm not sure why it's soooo long? How does this happen? What was supposed to be a cute tea dress turned into a maxi dress. A somehow summer dress if you will. 

But I'm not one to quibble. I like it and will save it for when it's no longer October. And freezing outside.

I promise you. I did make a muslin. But there are a few changes to make. Such as the lumpy zip:

Boo, swayback. And the squidgy heart, which I think means I've got small shoulders and a short waist:

 I've had enough of sewing failures. I've got a new outlook. I'm no longer going to get upset with that devilish sewing machine and uncooperative fabric. I will learn from mistakes. Huzzah.

How is everyone else by the way? Any fantabulous disasters to share? Spill. No, alright just me.

x Twitchy x

P.s. Enjoy a quick glimpse of my past few weeks....

My beautiful niece - isn't she gorgeous?
My sister's petticoat for her dress - made by me