Thursday, 16 June 2011

What's on your sewing list?

As previously mentioned after the mooch of Monday, I am awful at setting myself targets. Well, not exactly setting myself targets, rather following them.

As a result, it takes me forever to get things done and I usually spend the month thinking I want to do this and I want to make this, and before I know it, the month is done and I've got nothing to show for it. Well no more, dear readers! I've made a plan. Oh yes a plan of what I want to make and the important point being, there's no hurry to do do any of it. Huzzah!

 First things first. I want to make my gorgeous niece a little dress out of this fabric from the Fabric Fandango. This will be the second attempt to make something for her. The first time was the Vivienne Jumper from Burdastyle which ended up being more like a tent than a dress. She continues to grow up rather than sideways, and so the chances of her getting any use out of the dress are slim. Hence the dress.

The pattern is one of the wins from the Pattern Swap at the Sew Weekly meetup, Simplicity 6795.

The second aim, is to make the Macaron dress again out of blue pin dot cotton. The fabric looks a little dark in this picture, but it's actually quite light, and will make a lovely summer dress if I get it finished in time.

The next task will be to make the Ceylon dress out of this royal blue cotton. I'm tempted to tackle piping for the first time, a la Lladybird. Not to copy, but I am thinking of making white piping too. They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

I also want to make this dress (V1174) for my sisters wedding in October:

However, I think I may make some straps for this one like Tasia's, seeing as it will be a formal affair, with a jacket or cardigan to match.

And these trousers from Simplicty 2654:

I would also like to make the shorts, but I already feel like I'm getting a bit ahead of myself...



  1. I love to see what everyone has on their to do list. Is that top fabric, baby cord, as I'm sure I have some the same, got it at the Goldhawk lane day.

  2. It is yes! It was so adorable I couldn't resist it!