Friday, 27 May 2011

To do...

Hurrah! The end of another working week! I have been utterly exhausted, which on top a silly amount of drinking that's been done, means I am more than happy it's the weekend. Delighted in fact, seeing as we've got another bank holiday to enjoy!

As much as I enjoy having the extra day off, I always find it so difficult to be productive. I get up late, sit and play on me computer and before you know it, it's 6 in the evening and you've got nothing to show for it. Not this weekend! I'm determined to get a dress done. Which is good, seeing as my list of things I want to make gets longer and longer with each passing day.

So what will I be doing this weekend, I hear you ask. I will be making my very own version of the Macaron dress by Colette Patterns. I've never made it before, but if the Beignet was anything to go by, I'm sure it will go swimmingly.

I came to the realisation that I don't have very many party clothes any more. I usually tend to wear my regular clothes, and distinguish between day and night by alternating my tights. So that's my aim, to make something wearable I can boogie in, and make dashing men fall in love with me and buy me lots of drinks.

I'm using the lace I bought in Goldhawk Road on the Sew Weekly/Fabric Fandango a couple of weeks ago. Because the lace is obviously sheer, and I don't want to fall in with the ranks of girls who go out bearing their underwear I'm using a white underlining (is that the right terms if it's not an actual lining). You can see the pattern of the lace in this piccy:

On second looks at this picture, I May be having second thoughts about my fabric choice. Does anyone else think it's looks a bit busy, and I'll end up looking like a Victorian widow? But hey ho, you only live once I guess and I won't use it for anything else.

Because the lace is sheer, I'm going to eliminate the facings and use bias binding, which means I get to use my brand new bias tape maker that's been sitting oh so patiently in my sewing drawer.

So that's the plan, will I succeed? Probably not as, like a small child, I distracted very easily, I'm sure I'll find something else to grab my attention. But here's to trying.

Happy Bank Holiday!!!



  1. Looks beautiful!
    Sadly, the fabulous fabric shops of Goldhawk road are at threat of demolition.
    You can read the full details on Melissa’s blog:

    Please spread the word,join the facebook group, write to the council and lend your support in any way you can. Otherwise fabric shopping trips to Goldhawk road may sadly become a thing of the past.