Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Prodigal Returns...

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Sorry for the absence, but I was enjoying my two long weekends and decided to take a little break from boring you with my exploits in London town. I'm sure you understand.

Saying that, my last weekend wasn't actually spent in the big city, rather in the much nicer city of Edinburgh. I wandered up hills, through gardens and in castles for 3 days, and it was lovely.

Unfortunately, I have a somewhat limited post for you today. After the technological disaster that was my computer dying, I treated myself to a brand new one. It's lovely and shiny. The best thing about the computer (apart from the lovely and shinyness) was that it came with a 19 in 1 memory card reader. I've just noticed, after having it for two weeks that it does not boast this feature. So at the moment I have no way of transferring my pictures from my camera onto this here blog.

Now I'm sure you are all sighing in relief that you won't be subjected to image after image of holiday snaps. However, this means that you won't be able to see the snaps of the finished V8615 (gasp), the finished vintage style cardigan (shock) and my pursuit of the lovely view found on Deb's blog here (fiddlesticks).

 Does any one know how to magically transfer pictures without the use of a cord or memory card reader? No? I though not. Fear not dear readers, I will find a way. And at least you'll have lovely things to look forward to in a slow week, including progress on my dress for the Sew Weekly meetup next week.

In the meantime have a fantastic week...



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