Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The other V8615

On the one side, it's very flattering when people ask you about the dress you're wearing, on the other, I do feel a bit silly repeating the same words again and again. What pattern is your dress - 'oh it's Vogue 8615', 'yes it's v8615'. I apologise to everyone at the Sew Weekly/Fabric Fandango, I didn't mean to be a pretentious pattern person. A PPP from now on.

Some people may recognise this view. A few weeks ago during one of our many bank holidays, I went on a little adventure to Edinburgh. And it has to be said, I had a lovely time. After seeing Debi's post on her 30's gown, I knew I had to find that view. I can only imagine how spectacular that fountain is when it's running. This was taken in Princes Street Gardens, and you can see the castle in the background. Edinburgh is full of hills.

You can see the front and back easier here:

I apologise for the appalling photos! The dress does actually look rather lovely on, and makes a nice frame for my tattoo which usually doesn't see the light of day.

Talking of big hills, I climbed the highest in Edinburgh while I was there, Arthur's Seat...

And also ate the traditional Scottish fare of Black Pudding, Potato Scones and Haggis at Maggie Dicksons, which is located by Grassmarket. The plaque outside the pub explains about the namesake, a woman found guilty of murder. She was executed, but on the way to bury her body, onlookers saw the lid of the coffin moving. Turns out that the jolting of the cart the coffin was carried on had resuscitated her, and she went on to marry and have children. (Morbid much?)

I also ate that Scottish staple of.... a battered Mars Bar! Well you can't go to Scotland and not really.

As you can see, I really enjoyed it.



  1. YAY! for Edinburgh! That's my favourite view as well...and Arthur's lovely! I have yet to try a fried mars bar though :)

  2. look like you had a fab time! Your dress is lovely and I certainly don't mind hearing over and over which dress it is,this is the only way I would stand a chance of remembering then when I'm looking for inspiration.

  3. Do tell, what exactly is a battered mars it what I think it is? Your expression says it all!

  4. Miss Twitchy, love your dress! YOu have done "That" amazing fabric justice. Absolutely gorgeous- well done you :-)