Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Would I lie to you?

The answer is 'perhaps', depending on what the topic is. One thing I will not lie about is providing you with pictures of my progress. Oh yes. I know you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats gripping the mouse, waiting for this, and here we go...

Drum role please

Yes this appaling picture is in fact my progress on V8615, with the fabric from Walthamstow. The collar is doing a weird flicky out thing, which I don't know how to fix, I can't get the sleeves to do what I want. Other than that, I'm fairly pleased. Obviously it's hard to be impressed when it's half finished and on Deidre the Dummy, but you can't say that I don't keep my promises.

Hopefully you'll be impressed with this:

My first attempt at French Seams! Hurrah! Very easy to do, once I got over the initial 'you can't sew right sides together!'. And if you're interested there are some good tutorials for French seams here and here.

My Knitting is coming together slowly but surely:

I'm not sure why the collar is yellow in that picture, but you'll find that it is in fact the exact same colour as the jumper. Phew. So the front back and sides of the jumper is done, with the lapels and waistband being knit into existence.
You can't say that I don't aim to please...



  1. Yay for french seams! Very slick once you get used to the back-to-front-ness. Persevere with the V8615!

  2. Yay again from me- french seams rock! the fabric into dress looks very promising- it's going to be gorgeous.