Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mother's Day and Lazy Days

Well, I'm sure you can guess from the long gaps between each of my posts that not a lot of sewing has been done this week. Again. I have managed to cut out my fabric of V8615 but as of yet it's looking like a pile of fabric rather than a lovely new dress. That's possibly going to be a bit to dark for the lovely lovely season so far.

On that note, isn't the weather wonderful? I swear I'm getting a tan through my window. My arm is definitely pinker than normal.

Part of the non sewing can be blamed on my escaping London last weekend for my hometown in High Wycombe. My knitting accompanied me, and I'm getting through that quite nicely. For Mother's Day this year, we took my mum to Hampton Court Palace. I've never been before, and can honestly say that I had a great time. The weather for one, was lovely - we even managed to have a picnic (a bit ambitious for April, but it worked out well in the end). The Palace itself is amazing.

There wasn't too much to read, but enough to keep you well informed and not to overwhelmed. It's really well looked after and the staff were knowledgeable and helpful. While you're there you can also see the celebration of Henry VIII engagement to Kateryn Parr, with actors dotted about talking about the marriage and guiding you through the Palace, giving you a real feel for the history and the place. All in all, well worth the entry price I thought.

My favourite bits?

The beautiful painted ceilings - the picture does not do it justice.

Listening to my mum humouring a 'courtier' as he tried to talk to her about dinner arrangements.

The Gardens. And I'm not even a garden sort of person. On family holidays my parents literally had to drag me kicking and screaming. I think I must be growing up.

One interesting fact (among the many on offer) is that Hampton Court Palace houses the World's largest/longest grapevine which yields 500 to 700 pounds of fruit each year. It amuses me that this is what I decided to take from the day...

That and this...

Yes that is in fact - fake poo. Hampton Court Palace is currently housing the Jack the Giant Killer film set, and dotted about was market stalls and fake poo apparently. Maybe I'm not as grown up as I thought....

x Twitchy x


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