Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Undercover as a London Tourist

Hi all,

I had a marvellously touristy weekend. I've lived in London for over a year now, and for the first time, my parents decided to come up and visit. I'd love to say that they came to see me purely for the pleasure of seeing me, but alas not.

Mummy Twitchy has decided to take up sewing again (I'm rather impressed that by shoddy examples I have managed to inspire Mummy Twitchy and Family member No.1 to start making or atleast think bout making clothes). And where better to shop for fabric than old London town? After my very successful visit to Walthamstow, I've been telling anyone what a fantastic place Walthamstow Market is for buying fabric. So Mum decided to put it to the test - I'm happy to say she loved it! Daddy Twitchy who's less inclined to buying fabric spent his time declaring 'this is how markets should be' and examining cheap pans.

I was naughty and bought things I really didn't need:

Lovely lovely check suiting, and you may not be able to see, but with purple running through it. A bargain at 3 pounds a metre. The fabric on top is a crepe de chine (I think), in a lovely dusky rose colour - 1.20 a metre! Right now, I'm thinking a Cinnamon slip.

The purpose, as it turns out, of Daddy Twitchy was to see Chinatown. Unfortunately, I don't think he realised that you can only really eat at Chinatown nowadays, but we did all enjoy a marvelous buffet meal while we were wandering around.

On Sunday, I went to Columbia Flower market. I hadn't even heard of it before, but had a lovely time wandering though the market, smelling Daffodils, Tulips and Roses, and managing to wangle an orchid for free! The flower market is also surrounded by some posh vintage boutiques, but seeing as it's Shoreditch, everything was incredibly overpriced!

We then walked back down Brick Lane to get the tube station, and had a quick look in the Sunday Up-Market, but nothing was purchased there either. The stores seemed to just be fulled with the same kind of stuff you can get from Camden, and although there were some nice vintage stalls, nothing really caught my eye.

I did eat a cake. I lurved the cake.

A fantastically tiring and exciting weekend was had by all. I think next week however you'll find me behind the sewing machine.

Enjoy this statue of a car being picked up along Park Lane (apologies for the quality. I was on a bus at the time of capture!)
x Twitchy x


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