Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sewingless again...

I would like to say that I sewed my socks off this weekend. I didn't. I could repair it by saying that I knitted my socks off this weekend. That too would be a lie. I am progressing slowly but surely with my knitting, having finished both sides and now working on the back, but I'm afraid to say it feels like I didn't get a lot accomplished this weekend.

Of course it didn't help that Saturday was spent feeling delicate after a night out, which was then cured by two margaritas and a lot of cheese. I did manage to add to my ongoing project of creating a dress on my dress form:

I started this a few months ago. The top half of the dress (please ignore the bra straps, as my dummy needs extra support it seems too) I made to try out a new pattern, and I actually liked the way it looked. (Please also ignore the clutter behind the dummy, my mind is not ordered, therefore I don't see the need for my room to be either.) I added the tiered skirt this weekend. I think I'll replace theBlue band for a black one, and then it's ready to sew up.

I also, by Scruffy's suggestion, decided drape myself in my Walthamstow floral fabric in order to work out whether the design would be a bit too much. I actually quite liked it, and have decided to go ahead with V8615, but with a plain belt to break up the design, as illustrated in another cluttered photo:

I made the muslin, and do you know, it fit! No alterations. I suppose that's the great thing about making a pattern by cup size, means less needs doing to it afterwards. I am going to make one change to the pattern. The floral is quite busy, and as I'm not really a fan of long sleeves, I'm going to shorten the sleeves slightly with this as my inspiration:

You might be able to tell from the photo that the sleeves are gathered up the centre, with elastic on the wrong side. Hopefully this won't be too difficult to draft by myself. Wish for no tears and swear words, thats all I'm asking.

And to leave you with another accomplishment for the weekend:

Eton Mess: easiest thing in the world to make but yummy! And look how pretty!

x Twitchy x


  1. That Walthamstow fabric looks gorgeous draped like that! Looking forward to seeing the finished dress.

  2. I too am loving that fabric - I think it will make one of those real impact dresses (in a good way!) ANd the sleeve details look interesting - good spot - look forward to seeing how you get on with it