Monday, 14 March 2011

Et Voila!

As promised (thanks for the interest Scruffy Badger!), please see above a rather pleased-with-myself-wearing-the-Beignet-in-front-of-a-pagoda skirt which I finished last week.

Please excuse the rather rumpled nature of the skirt. Forget the meaning of life, I would very much like to know why a skirt will crease when wearing it, despite the fact that you were unable to properly press the darn thing when sewing it in the first place?!!!

The obligatory back, side and front shots

After wearing it for a few days, I'm warming up to it. For one thing, it's red. And I love red. It's warm and it's comfortable.

The skirt was easy to put together, which gave me a chance to be particularly meticulous and practice all those techniques that I should be doing but I don't.

However, the skirt came out a little too big for me, despite the fact that I made a muslin that was a tad on the tight side. (Another one of life's unanswerable questions...) Also the wool was a poobum to press. The hem looks messy, I did the catch stitch to tight (although very neatly which is a thumbs up for me) and the seams look like they had never heard of an iron.

Karen told me a good tip for treating wool crepe - 'cut a 10x10cm square from your fabric and put it in the washing machine with a wash. Then when you pull it out, re-measure the square to see whether or not it has shrunk [...] but this would be one way of finding out how your fabric behaves in the wash.' It didn't shrink in the wash. Now I wish (really?) it had, then I could shrink it to fit... (I can almost hear the gasps of horror - I will not be doing this)

Will I wear it again? Simple answer - yes. Plus I know how to make it now which means the next one will be stellar. I was thinking of inspiration for the next Beignet, and I though, blue with yellow buttons. Wouldn't that look a treat? Then I realised Tilly has made the exact same skirt in the exact same colour scheme. (She's also made this skirt in red - I feel I may be copying her a little bit.) So I'm moving on to a dress. This one in fact:

Gertie made a gorgeous version of this, in fact as soon as I saw hers I went away and bought it myself. And now due to my Spring resolution, I'm making it. I've only had in my stash for what, a year?

I had a wonderfully touristy weekend, which I'll share with you a bit later, but until then...

x Twitchy x


  1. Miss Twitchy it's adorable! Well done getting out there & showing it off. Sorry I am a bit late - been away from internet. I think you've made a really cute little number there!

  2. Yay! Love it in red. So glad the Walthamstow fabric is being put to good use. The Beignet skirt is next on my list!