Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What I'm Working On

Good Morning!

So last night I started work on the Beignet pattern by Colette. I haven't sewn a Colette pattern before, but I already love them!!!

Apart from the fact they're all gorgeous, I love the packaging, and the instructions seem really straight forward and clear. Even more helpful is the fact that there is a glossary in the back.

This is the fabric I'm using:

The Shell fabric is a deep red wool crepe that I bought at the Walthamstow shopping frenzy on Saturday. It was a bargain at 3 pound a metre! I was promptly informed that it was from Hobbes don't you know, and with a serious expression the market holder told me to 'look after it'. That scared me slightly. I've done a little bit of research and it seems the best way to look after Wool Crepe is to either handwash or dry clean - I don't suppose anyone has any other tips?

I'm using grey poly silk for the lining because I had some left over from Jacqueline's Jacket. It goes quite nicely I think.

So progress to date - sewed a muslin (too big!!), sewed another muslin (just right), copied the pattern with alterations onto greaseproof paper (no other use for greaseproof in my house), did tailors tacks and sewed the front. Hurrah! I'm making good progress.

Anyways that's all for now...

x Twitchy x

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  1. I always take my wools to the dry cleaners. You can get several wears out of an item like a skirt before it needs to go, so it doesn't need to break the bank.

    One tip I did hear recently: cut a 10x10cm square from your fabric and put it in the washing machine with a wash. Then when you pull it out, re-measure the square to see whether or not it has shrunk. You could try that? I think I've heard somewhere that wool crepe can be particularly tricky, but this would be one way of finding out how your fabric behaves in the wash.